»What are the Top 10 OT Risks? Results from one year of vulnerability assessments and risk analyses«

Much is written about the vulnerability of operational technology (OT) and industrial control networks. However, there is seldom any concrete information about the vulnerabilities and risks that can really be found in OT networks. This much can be said: in addition to the major vulnerabilities, it is often the needles in the haystack that can put OT networks at risk.

We have analyzed the results of last year's Rhebo Industrial Security Assessments. This resulted in the top 10 most common OT risks, which our Head of Product Management, Jérôme Arnaud will present for the first time in this webcast.

Together with Jérôme Arnaud and Business Development manager Bashar Sheikh Deeb, you will also learn more about:

  • what risks are really inherent in your OT network,
  • how these jeopardize the security and availability of your OT,
  • how Rhebo has identified the vulnerabilities in energy supply companies and industrial companies,
  • how you can strengthen your OT security yourself in just 60 days.
We're looking forward to welcome you in our live presentation. 




Head of Product Management - Rhebo

Jérôme Arnaud is head of product management at Rhebo. He has over 19 years of experience in the energy sector, acquired in worldwide companies such as Alstom, Areva and GE's Grid Solutions, as a software engineer, R&D director and product manager.  After that, he moved to the field of electrical substation cybersecurity and obtained various IEC 62443 certification for his company solutions and processes.

2022_09_Jerome rund


Business Developement Manager - Rhebo

Bashar Deeb, a Civil Engineer and Business Developer with a proven track record of assisting industrial organizations in safeguarding their Operational Technology (OT) Systems. At Rhebo, our mission is to alleviate your OT cybersecurity concerns by providing tailored solutions that align with your vision and exceed your expectations. With access to cutting-edge technology and Rhebo's team of OT experts, we ensure that your OT infrastructure remains secure and resilient.