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»Efficient OT Security Monitoring: The Splunk-Rhebo Fusion SOC«

OT networks have long since ceased to be isolated air-gapped infrastructures. They are increasingly connected to corporate IT and mobile access devices in order to automate and simplify processes. If IT and OT are moving ever closer together, at what point does it make sense to consider, track and ensure the cyber security of both infrastructures together? In view of the increasing complexity of IT/OT infrastructures, rapidly developing hybrid attack techniques, stricter security laws and the prevailing shortage of skilled specialists, compact solutions are needed. These must integrate and intelligently combine cyber security monitoring for IT, OT and IoT. The complexity and dynamics of the outside world can only be countered with simplification.

In this webcast, together with Matthias Maier, Security Market Advisory EMEA at Splunk, we will shed light on what a modern and future-proof SOC looks like that solves the existing and upcoming challenges.

In this entertaining webcast, Matthias Maier and Dr. Frank Stummer, Business Development Manager at Rhebo, show you:

  • how to determine whether a dedicated OT SOC or a fusion SOC with IT is the right choice.
  • how to develop a targeted security monitoring strategy.
  • how to establish visibility, cyber security and intrusion detection in your OT.
  • which OT risks have been overlooked by your IT security so far.
We're looking forward to welcome you in our live presentation. 



Dr. Frank Stummer

Business Development Manager - Rhebo

Dr. Frank Stummer is the founder of Rhebo and has been responsible for business development since 2014. He completed his doctorate at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research before founding his first network security company, ipoque, in 2006 and successfully leading it to an exit as CFO.

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Matthias Maier

Security Market Advisor - Splunk

Matthias Maier is a Security Market Advisor at Splunk, a Cisco company for the EMEA region. His expertise in cybersecurity is supported by his work with leading SOC teams in enterprises, government and public sector. Matthias holds three prominent certifications in the industry: CEH, CISSP and CISM. He continuously studies the latest software developments and the tactics of cyber attackers. His expertise also extends to IT regulations and standards related to cyber security.