2022-11-15 Webinar Welotec Visuals

The challenges to consider in IEC 61850 simplification benefits

IEC 61850 is an international standard defining Communication networks and systems for automation in electrical power supply systems. With IEC 61850 existing hard copper wires between the different sensors and actors are replaced with networking technology.

With the change to a digital substation and the introduction of IEC 61850 you gain a lot of benefits and cost savings on substation design, interoperability between vendors, commissioning, and operation. One of the main advantages of a digital substation is the simplification of the cabling and reduction of devices.

But, with the simplification of the cabling and the reduction of devices the complexity is transferred to the network configuration, computers, virtualization, and network security which brings additional challenges.

Join our webinar, hosted by Mandana White and learn more from the industry experts.

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10:00 a.m

Welcome and Opening

Mandana White
Founder & CEO - Smart Grid Forums
10:05 a.m

Edwin Melenhorst - Product Owner | Locamation

  • If you go digital, why stick to the old concepts of many IEDs and Merging Units
  • Understanding the benefits of a virtual process interface, virtual applications and why it can benefit system operators
  • Increase and simplify substation security by using SCL files as a basis for IDS
10:20 a.m

Jos Zenner - Managing Director and CTO | Welotec

  • Substation Server vs. IED – why you need IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613
  • How to virtualize applications on a substation server
  • Virtualization for network detection and network security functions
  • Virtualization for station bus automation – Gateway, HMI, and Engineering Workstation
10:35 a.m
Jérôme Arnaud, Rhebo- Head of Product Management
  • What happens in your network for OT Engineers
  • Reduce complexity by using existing SCL files for configuration and monitoring
  • Firewalls protect your substations and let you feel secure – the IDS systems tells you if you are secure
10:50 a.m Q&A and Ending
Mandana White
Founder & CEO - Smart Grid Forums


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Mandana White

Founder & CEO - Smart Grid Forums

As founder and executive director of the Smart Grid Forum, Mandana White is hosting this year's IEC 61850 Week and moderating this webinar.

Edwin Melenhorst

Product Owner IEC61850 -Locamation

Edwin Melenhorst is the IEC61850 Product Owner within Locamation. Edwin has 20+ years of experience in the field of IEC61850 and related standards and has filled many roles in this domain, amongst which Test Tool Developer, Testing and Certification Manager, CTO of an IEC61850 Test Tool manufacturer and now Product Owner of virtual Applications for Substation Automation within Locamation.

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Jos Zenner

Managing Director and CTO - Welotec

Jos Zenner is Managing Director and CTO at Welotec. Previously, he held various positions at Welotec involving close collaboration with TSOs, DSOs and various vendors. Throughout his career, he has accompanied Welotec's customers and partners on their journey to digitalization, computerization and connectivity in OT environments.

Jérôme Arnaud

Head of Product Management - Rhebo

Jérôme Arnaud is Head of Product Management at Rhebo. He has more than 19 years of experience in the energy sector, working for global companies such as Alstom, Areva and GE's Grid Solutions as a software engineer, R&D manager and product manager.  He then moved into the field of cybersecurity for electrical substations and obtained various IEC 62443 certifications for the company's solutions and processes.

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